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Skimmers add a professional touch to any pond installation by providing an ideal place to hide your pump from view. Internal filters inside the skimmer prevent the pump from plugging, and are easy to clean.

Skimmers also will draw in anything that falls onto the pond surface, this is important because about 60% of the debris that enters the pond comes from blown in sources. The skimmer collects this material in a large leaf basket for easy removal.

Most professional installers would not install a pond without a skimmer as part of the plan, a skimmer is an integral part of a well built pond or water garden.

The first step in building a pond is ensuring that waste products are efficiently removed from the system. The application of skimmers and bottom drains is essential in this regard.

Pond Skimmers can remove as much as 85% of debris before it settles to the pond bottom and are the most effective way of reducing maintenance and increasing the quality of water in your backyard pond.

The addition of a pond skimmer will greatly reduce the maintenance and increase the enjoyment of your pond.

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