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Real Clear AK

Real Clear AK

Algae Control

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Real Clear® AK

  • Improves water clarity in water gardens and backyard ponds
  • Reduces odors and sludge accumulation
  • Significantly reduces excess nutrients
  • Rids pond of unwanted aquatic debris
  • Safe, effective and easy to use
  • Won’t harm plants or fish

Use Real Clear® AK when excessive aquatic debris has become a problem in your pond. Real Clear® AK is manufactured to battle tough pond problems for a clean pond and a safe, healthy aquatic environment for the entire pond population. It also reduces sludge and unpleasant odors created from waste products in ornamental ponds. Use appropriate dosage weekly until the desired appearance is achieved. When satisfied with your pond's appearance, switch to Real Clear® Bio-Clarifier for ongoing maintenance.

Available in 16oz., half a gallon, and gallon sizes.

(Also available in a 6-gallon tote for large jobs.)


1 oz. of product treats 350 gallons of water


For optimal results, maintain these important pond parameters:

· pH 6.5-8.2

· temperature 60˚F (15˚C) minimum

· dissolved oxygen 3 p.p.m.(3mg/l) minimum


Shelf life: 2 years

Store at room temperature.

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