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Koi Gardens now offers a wide range landscape plants including steppables, shrubs, and trees.
One of our Large Koi Ponds
A view of part of Koi Gardens and the main Koi Pond.
This pond has close to 11,000 gallons and is the home to several large koi ranging from 12 inches- 24 inches.
The Upper Koi Pond holds about 3,000 gallons and is no more than 2.5 feet deep.
This Koi Pond has over a 50 foot stream running into the upper pond that holds approximately 3,000 gallons and then pours into the main pond of 8,000 gallons over two waterfalls.
An attractive water feature that is very easy to do. This water feature was created using one of AW Pottery nicely handmade pots and adds a great focal point and soothing sound.
Koi Gardens water plants and pottery.
Another view of Our Fish Facility
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