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This beautiful pond was constructed as a home for the owners many incredible koi.  The equipment includes a bead filter, u.v. sterilizer, Spindrifter Air Dome bottom drain, and two-500 gallon vortexing settling chambers.
This area off of the homeowners driveway was uninteresting. With the addition of a few large rocks, some shrubs and trees, and the beautiful pottery fountain, it is now a great focal point.
The beginning of this stream is a drilled rock.  The stream is more than 50 feet long with adequate depth for fish and plants. The bridge allows for improved fish viewing as well as access to the other side of the property.
This pond is more a swimming pool for koi than a typical pond.  Koi Gardens, Inc. was contracted as a consultant and installer of equipment for this incredible work of art.  The equipment used includes a Spindrifter Air Dome bottom drain, and heating system for the winter months.  If you want the best for your fish, your looking at it. 
This koi pond was constructed with a bottom drain, skimmer, bead filter, in-line pump, U.V. sterilizer, and a turbo vortex solids separator.
This beautiful pond was constructed by Koi Gardens, and was designed specifically for koi. This pond is four feet deep and designed to keep predators out.
This water garden pond is 1,000 gallons and 2.5 feet deep. This pond was intended for water plants and very small fish.
This koi pond was built with a bottom drain, skimmer, inline pump, filter, and ultraviolet sterilizer. This pond is approximately 1,600 gallons and is very easy to maintain.
This Pondless Waterfall is almost 100 feet long and disappears into the ground into two water holding tanks.
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