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This pond was constucted adjacent to the koi pond, and was designed and built for many beautiful fancy goldfish. Now these homeowners can enjoy both their koi and goldfish.
These homeowners turned their swimming pool into a koi pond. Koi Gardens added the proper equipment and a waterfall to give their friendly koi a great environment to live in.
A formal koi pond that is housed in a sunroom.  With this pond, the owners now have a heated pond and a heated viewing area to enjoy their koi throughout the year.
This massive pond was constructed to give the owners and their family a private, park like oasis.  It is over 170 feet long and 80 feet wide.  In addition to the miniature lake, there is also more than 50 feet of steam with a 3000 gallon smaller pond.  The fountain in the middle of the larger pond has a two speed pump, allowing for increased water flow.  When complete, this will truly be a sight to behold!
This formal pond was added to the homeowners existing pond. A stream was added to connect the two ponds and add the sound of water. After the concrete structure of the lower pond was built, the homeowner had the deck built for entertaining and viewing of the koi.
This client wanted a disappearing waterfall that could be enjoyed from the patio. Koi Gardens constructed this soothing pondless waterfall that the client could enjoy from the back patio.
This pond was rebuilt to add the proper filtration that was not included during the original construction.  The steam was rebuilt with concrete and inlaid river rock. The purpose of this is to be both pleasing to the eye and easy to maintain.
Koi Gardens, Inc. took this Seattle homeowner’s drainage, mud, mosquito, and weed problem, and turned it into a pond, planting, and dry river bed.  Under all of the new landscaping is a drainage system that diverts runoff and ground water.  The result is terracing for planting, pathways for walking, and a pond off of the deck.
This stream is approximately 100 feet long and comes down the hillside and into a reservoir in the ground.
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