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Pond Pumps


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Pond Pumps

Pumps come in an array of models and sizes. Pumps are available in both submersible and external (out-of-pond models).

If you need to move water in a pond, whether it is for a fountain, a waterfall or a filter you will need a pump.

Fountain Pumps need to be stable and must be able to operate efficiently for long periods without the need for regular maintenance.

However they have to pump semi clean water to avoid blocking the fountain jet.

Waterfall pumps need to be able to pump large volumes of water efficiently. This water however does not need to be free of solids.

Filter Pumps need to be able to operate for long periods of time without blocking, they also need to be able to pass solids to the filter to enable them to be removed from the pond. As they are part of the life support system for the pond they need to be very reliable.

We can help you select the best model and plumbing for your purposes. For the smaller pond, a submersible pump is the most economical.

Pumps are sized by gallons per hour (GPH) output at one foot of lift or height. Larger capacity pumps are rated by horsepower (hp).

It is recommended that the water in a basic pond be turned between ½ to 1 times per hour. A 500-galon pond should have at least a 500 Gallon Per Hour pump. When sizing a pump for a pond there are a few other considerations.

How high will the pump have to lift water? Will there be a waterfall, fountain or statuary? Will there be filters? All of these variables reduce the amount of flow, which could affect water quality and clarity.

If there is a product or size you do not see on our web site, send us a email and we will find it for you.

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