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Item #: TBV

What is the best thing you can do for your filter? Keep solids out of it so it can do what it really is supposed to do and that is handle solubles and not solids.

This is truly the answer to the problem of removing solids so you can have a more efficient filter. The Turbovortex fits between the pond and your pump catching solids and waiting to be backwashed which is as simple as moving a valve and the solids are gone to waste, a simple 1 minute operation about once a week.

  • Takes the place of giant hard to install, difficult to hide vortex sediment tanks all in a small 12" footprint.
  • Easy to install
  • Backwashed in about 1 minute
  • By reducing solids going to your filter you reduce the backwashing frequency of your filter
  • Opens instantly for servicing
  • The turbo was designed to work with these types of systems including Sand, Sand Type, Conventional, bead filters including the Fluidbead and Hydrabead filters

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