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Sho Gold

Sho Gold Goldfish Food

Sho Gold

Item #: SGSI1S

Sho Gold is especially formulated for Goldfish, Fancy Goldfish and Aquarium Ornamentals. The small 2.6 mm (less than 1/8") pellets with OPTIMÛN are slow sinking and are nutritionally complete.

Sho Gold is a scientifically formulated, complete balanced diet and contains all the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins that your fish will need to grow, stay healthy and show off their colors. No Additional nutrients are required by your fish

Sho Gold is a superior fish diet, excellent in terms of observable results in growth, overall health, features and color prominence so valued by colorful fish enthusiasts. Furthermore, in properties and nutritional content, Sho Gold is very affordable.

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