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AgriTab Aquatic Tabs

AgriTab Aquatic Tabs

Produces the Best in Pond Plants for Years! Most widely used pond plant food tablet to feed waterlilies and all types of pond plants for 30 - 45 days.

Unlike other pond tablets that feed for only two weeks - AgSafe Aquatic-Tabs® provide constant time-release nutrient feeding to ensure proper growth and longer lasting blooms. No more hassles of getting wet every two weeks to feed your plants.

Aquatic-Tabs provide a time-released nutrient feeding to ensure proper plant growth and consistent feedings.

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AT102 Aquatic Tabs 25 cnt. $4.98 Add To Cart
AT103 Aquatic Tabs 100 cnt. $14.98 Add To Cart
AT105 Aquatic Tabs 300 cnt. $43.98 Add To Cart

Microbe-Lift Bloom N Grow

Microbe-Lift Bloom N Grow

Specially formulated for aquatic plants of all types to promote larger, brighter and faster blooms as well as healthier and stronger roots.

  • Highly concentrated formula
  • Contains micro- and macro-nutrients
  • Contains vitamins and amino acids
  • Has essential primary and secondary nutrients
  • Nitrate and phosphate free
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SWMBG16 Microbe-Lift Bloom N Grow 16 oz. M/L $17.98 Add To Cart
SWMBGG Microbe-Lift Bloom N Grow 1 gal. M/L $84.95 Add To Cart

Microbe-Lift CPM Planting Media

Microbe-Lift CPM Planting MediaKiln-fired, 100% natural montmorillonite clay perfect for container plants, marginal plants, bog areas, and wildlife ponds. Neutral pH pebbles retain oxygen, contain beneficial live bacteria, and contain no algae-promoting nutrients, fertilizer, compost, peat or pesticides.

Microbe-Lift Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media helps absorb excess alkalinity or acid in your pond water – won't break apart or float. 10 lb bag.

  • Natural montmorillonite potting media with beneficial bacteria for lush plant growth
  • Neutral pH planting media contains no fertilizers or compost that can pollute your pond
  • Use straight from the bag or mix with other aquatic plant media
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MLCAPM10 Microbe-Lift CPM (Planting Media) 10 lbs. $13.95 Add To Cart
MLCAPM20 Microbe-Lift CPM (Planting Media) 20 lbs. $24.95 Add To Cart