Fish Food Nozomi Nozomi Spirulina

Nozomi Spirulina

Nozomi Spirulina

New for 2009- All Nozomi formulations now contain Pro-Biotics to enhance digestion, improve nutrition assimilation, stimulate immune system response, and reduce waste.

An abundance of Spirulina, krill meal, well-balanced vitamins and other nutrients help to enhance the distinctive and vivid colors of Koi.

High quality digestive proteins and carbohydrates are formulated.
Floating-type feed does not cloud water, thus lessening water pollution.

Chitin, garlic and bakery yeast are added as special nutrients which act as anti-disease agents to keep your Koi healthy.

Koi Feeding Schedule

  • Feed your Koi two or three times a day, an amount that can be finished in five minutes.
40% MIN. 3% MIN. 6% MAX. 10% MAX. 15% MAX.

Ingredients: white fish meal, krill meal, wheat flour, soya bean meal, corn gluten meal, rice bran, wheat-germ meal, brewers dried yeast, calcium phosphate, yeast extract, ox bile powder, garlic, bakery dried yeast, Spirulina, chitin, ascorbyl-2-phospate, vitamins, minerals.