Bottom Drains Koi Toilet Series

Koi Toilet I and II Series

Koi Toilet I and II Series

The Koi Toilet I and Koi Toilet II is the simple solution for a Koi Pond Bottom Drain. The Koi Toilet is the most versatile and complete solution for Aerated Koi Pond Bottom Drains. Made with heavy duty injection molded ABS and fits 4-inch Sch 40 pvc elbow or coupler.

Features Koi Toilet I (aerated dome):

  • Sweep bottom design to eliminate trapping debris
  • Full 4-inch height over horizontal discharge pipe
  • 1-inch air supply connection at the bottom through center column
  • Screws are fully embedded in large and strong screw pockets
  • Threaded center column for easy disassemble and maintenance
  • Wide and thick flange for better liner grip
  • Slanted air dome and high quality air diffuser with internal check valve function

Features Koi Toilet II:

  • Made with heavy duty injection molded ABS
  • Thick flange and liner ring for better liner grip
  • Flare design for smooth flow
  • Fits 4-inch Sch40 PVC elbow or coupler
  • Excellent for liner and concrete installation

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SKU Description Price Order
KTR30 Koi Toilet II 3-in. Bottom Drain $79.98 Add To Cart
KTRS Koi Toilet II 4-inch Bottome Drain with screen $89.98 Add To Cart
KTR Koi Toilet II 4-inch Bottom Drain $89.98 Add To Cart
KTA100 Koi Toilet I 4-inch Bottom Drain with Air Dome Diffuser $343.98 Add To Cart