MelaFix is an all-natural antibacterial remedy which rapidly repairs damaged fins, ulcers & open wounds.

Use MelaFix when adding new fish to your pond. Safe for snails & other invertebrates and will not harm you aquatic plants, affect the pH or adversely affect the biological filter.

Melafix uses the antibacterial power of Melaleuca (tea Tree) extract for the treatment of bacterial infections. Healing and tissue re-growth can often be seen within four days of treatment. Formulated to work with PondCare Pimafix for best results.

Directions for Use:
Shake well before using. For best results remove activated carbon and turn off UV and ozone-producing units during treatment.
For recent wounds, fin damage, or infection: add 1 teaspoonful for every 50 U.S. gallons

When treating an advanced or chronic infection: add 2 teaspoonfuls for every 50 U.S. gallons

When adding new fish to the pond, or when netting and handling fish: add 1 teaspoonful for every 50 U.S. gallon

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