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Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover

Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover

Neutralizes Toxic Ammonia, Chloramine & Chlorine. Microbe-Lift® Ammonia Remover gives beneficial bacteria time to multiply and recover if the biological filter gets damaged keeping pond fish from being stressed.

Every ounce of Microbe-Lift® Ammonia Remover removes 1.25 ppm of toxic ammonia in 150 gal. of pond water by forming an irreversible complex to reduce free ammonia to safe levels.

Microbe-Lift® Ammonia Remover may be used at startup, when making water changes, replacing lost water due to evaporation or when your pond is overstocked with too many fish. Microbe-Lift® Ammonia Remover neutralizes residual chlorine and destroys deadly chloramine. Microbe-Lift® Ammonia Remover treats ammonia burn in pond fish. Microbe-Lift® Ammonia Remover is safe for use with all pond fish and aquatic life.

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AMRE16 Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover 16 oz. $16.95 Add To Cart
AMRE32 Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover 32 oz. $29.95 Add To Cart
AMREGAL Microbe-Lift Ammonia Remover 1 gal. $74.95 Add To Cart

Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator Plus

Microbe-Lift Dechlorinator Plus

Dechlorinator Plus is the ultimate in water conditioning. The product will instantly dechlorinate and detoxify your pond water!

Dechlorinator Plus neutralizes chlorine and breaks the chloramine bond while scavenging oxygen as other dechlorinators do. Dechlorinator Plus will render toxic pollutants harmless (including iron, copper, lead, zinc, and free iodine). Use Dechlorinator Plus with your regular partial water changes and when replacing lost or evaporated water.

  • Highly cincentrated for maximum dechlorination, detoxification and water conditioning.
  • Instantly neutralizes chlorine, chloramine, chlorine dioxide, copper, and other heavy metal while not scavenging oxygen as other dechlorinators do.
  • Contains pH buffers.
  • Contains 2 slime coat ingredients for replacement and conditioning as well as ammonia burn in pond fish.
  • Contains added electrolytes for stress reduction in fish.
  • Can be used in both freshwater and saltwater.
  • Will not harm fish or plants.
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DECHL16 Microbe-Lift 16-oz. Dechlorinator Plus $13.95 Add To Cart
DECHL32 Microbe-Lift 32-oz. Dechlorinator Plus $24.95 Add To Cart
DECHLGAL Microbe Lift 1-gal. Dechlorinator Plus $59.95 Add To Cart

Real Clear Dechlorinator - Liquid

Real Clear Dechlorinator - Liquid

Real Clear® Dechlorinator (Liquid)

  • Removes chlorine and chloramines
  • Won't harm plants or fish
  • Eas to apply
  • Safe and effective

Real Clear® Dechlorinator is manufactured to safely remove harmful chlorine and chloramines from pond water without harming plants or fish. Chlorine and chloramines are added to many municipal water sources to protect humans. These chemical additives are toxic to fish and can cause serious injury if not removed from the water supply. For most effective treatment, treat water before introduction to pond. Contact your local utility for more information on chemical additions to water supplies for your community.

Available in 8 oz., quart and gallon sizes


¼ oz. of product treats 160 U.S. gallons of water

8 oz. bottle treats 5.120 gallons

Shelf life: 3 years

Store at room temperature.

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RC004 Dechlorinator Liquid 8-oz. Treats 5120 Gallons $10.98 Add To Cart
RC023 Declorinator Liquid 32-oz. Treats 20480 Gallons $25.98 Add To Cart
RC022 Declorinator Liquid 1 Gallon. Treats 81920 Gallons $50.98 Add To Cart