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Pond Perfect and Farm Pond Treatment

Pond Perfect and Farm Pond TreatmentPondPerfect improves water clarity, eliminates odor, and reduces sludge in ponds. PondPerfect is super-concentrated with a superior blend of safe, non-toxic bacteria.

PondPerfect makes pond water crystal clear, eliminates pond odor, digests organic sludge, and even solves severe or chronic problems such as scum and mats on the pond surface or attached to rocks.

PondPerfect and Farm Pond Treatment – Both products are biological clarifiers, but what’s the difference?

PondPerfect is designed for smaller garden and decorative ponds (50 gallons up to ¼ acre). PondPerfect is a live, 100% non-toxic and natural biological clarifier (quart and gallon sizes available for purchase on this site).

Farm Pond Treatment is specifically for larger lakes (¼ acre up to many acres) and contains one gallon of ultra-concentrated liquid bacteria, plus one slow-release, powder-based EcoSock (see photo), which work together for a full month.


Nitrogen, phosphorous, and organic waste plus sunlight cause the problems. Plus, sunlight (UV light) harms some of the bacteria that should normally help reduce nutrients in the water. Adding our 100% natural products restores the required natural balance to your system.

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30010 PondPerfect 4 in 1 Treatment (32 oz.) $21.98 Add To Cart
30015 PondPerfect 4 in 1 Treatment (1 gallon) $59.98 Add To Cart
80065 PondPerfect Farm Pond Treatment (1 gallon plus eco sock) $99.98 Add To Cart